Conversations: Talking It Out

Conversations - two chairs and table

Photo by katie dureault (Creative Commons)

Conversations exchange information. They share experience. The best conversations lead to new insight and understanding.

One important goal of Letter from Italy, 1944 is to encourage such conversations among those who have been affected by war. You will find examples of such conversations here, posted in hope that examples will help open minds and hearts.

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The Continuing Conversation

Letter from Italy, 1944 stirred the mind and the senses of those who experienced it. Many find themselves with heightened awareness of war’s pervasive effects on soldiers and those who love them.

You will discover writing and photos from around the Web in The Continuing Conversation. These entries are not related solely to the effects of PTSD. As with humanity itself, these stories do not fit neatly into one category of experience.

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Military families: Losing My Father at War, One Letter at a Time

Military families communicate during deployments, but the words and information is filtered and sometimes self-censored. Kate Hoit writes about the frustration and fog that came with her service in Iraq. Trying to stay focused on her military job while her … Continue reading

Community Conversations

Community Conversations for Letter From Italy, 1944Letter from Italy, 1944 – A Generational Legacy was a series of public events. These “Community Conversations” deepened our understanding of the Letter from Italy, 1944 dramatic background. Topics included Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), the 10th Mountain Division and World War II, and the creation of Poetry, Music, and Theater. The series culminated in the new musical drama Letter from Italy, 1944, by Sarah Meneely-Kyder and Nancy Meneely.

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