PTSD: Dig Deeper

PTSD brings reminders in many ways.

The flag is raised to half staff on Memorial Day 2009, in Helmand Province, Afghanistan

PTSD – post traumatic stress disorder – was unheard of in past generations, let alone diagnosed. Yet its effects have been documented as far back as the ancient Greek armies.

It has taken the lens of time for us to know and understand the story of Dr. John Meneely and his family. The stresses of war and its effect on veterans and their loved ones is still evolving. The story itself is still living itself out through the generations.

This section gathers resources and stories from many different places to help draw a fuller picture of PTSD. Much of what you read here will need time and perspective and healing. The picture is sometimes clinical, often raw and fraught with despair and danger.

It is hoped that as we continue to move toward a fuller understanding of war’s traumatic effects on its participants, that it will help all of us to respond in ways that honor their service and their entire being.

PTSD stories and resources

Battle Scars, Still Stinging 70 Years Later -

A 94 year old veteran of World War II recalls the damage he documented in aerial reconnaissance … and one damaging decision for which he still feels responsible. Battle Scars, Still Stinging 70 Years Later -  

PTSD: What is it?

The NIMH offers a wealth of information on PTSD, a main Letter from Italy, 1944 theme. This story includes a link to their "landing page" on the Web.

Fixing the Failed Elevator Pitch: Translating Military Skills for Civilian Employers

On one level this link has nothing whatsoever to do with PTSD. On another level, it could be a best friend for a traumatized veteran. With the many challenges of reentry, it is already difficult to answer the question, "What … Continue reading

MST themed retreat at Project New Hope April 12

MST-Military Sexual Trauma-will be the focus of a retreat organized for military veterans by Project New Hope. It's April 12-14, 2012, at Shutesbury MA.

MST - Military sexual trauma hazard some female vets face

MST - military sexual trauma - is a burden that some female veterans face on top of PTSD. Profile of several vets, treatments, and resource help listing.

PTSD Music therapy can help veterans overcome PTSD

PTSD music therapy is based on music itself more than traditional therapy. Mark Duran, founder of "Guitars for Vets" is profiled on NPR.

PTSD: The Life and Death of Clay Hunt

The newsmagazine program 60 Minutes aired a story about a brave Marine veteran whose struggle with PTSD – post traumatic stress disorder – led him to take his own life for reasons that may not be clear at first. 60 Minutes has … Continue reading

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