New Haven Theater Jerk – April 26, 2013

Longtime theater director/producer/actor Christopher Arnott says “Good luck getting a ticket” to the World Premiere of Letter from Italy, 1944. He goes on to describe the staging, story, performances, and overall importance of this project from his critical perspective.

His final word: “Given the excitement over this one, and the fact that many will be shut out from seeing it, here’s hoping for further renditions of Letter from Italy, 1944.”

Here’s a link to his story on New Haven Theater Jerk.

Greater Middletown Chorale production recognized by General Assembly

Members and friends of the Greater Middletown Chorale were recently cited by the Connecticut General Assembly for their work in bringing Letter from Italy, 1944 to life.

The citations were presented by retiring state Senator Len Suzio, who brought the engrossed citations to Middletown on his last day in office — and his birthday.

Sen. Suzio and Thayer Talbott of the Middlesex County Community Foundation also brought news of financial support for the Letter from Italy, 1944 project.

  • The state DECD/Connecticut Office of the Arts has granted $60,000 to the Chorale in support of the documentary accompanying Letter from Italy, 1944.
  • The MCCF granted $5,000 in direct support of the Letter from Italy, 1944 production.

Read the account at this link:

Greater Middletown Chorale production recognized by General Assembly – The Middletown Press : Serving Middletown, CT.

Chorale receives DECD/COA grant for LFI

DECD/COA logo for grantThe Greater Middletown Chorale has learned from Connecticut’s Department of Economic and Community Development’s CT Office of the Arts that it has been awarded a grant for the “Letter from Italy” Documentary in the amount of $60,000 — the largest single grant in the Chorale’s history!

This pivotal grant award, in the COA’s Arts Leadership/Implementation category, is a dream come true.  Although it comprises only about 20% of the Total LFI Project budget and about 50% of the Documentary budget, it will probably ensure that the full one-hour, High-Definition Documentary film will come to be.Thus, the entire “Letter from Italy, 1944” project will be effectively documented.  It will take the viewer from Sarah Meneely-Kyder’s commission and composition through the Connecticut Community Conversations and rehearsals to the “Letter from Italy, 1944” Premiere Concert (April 28) and reactions to all of this from the artists, the audience and Veterans among those groups.

Moreover, the Documentary will give LFI legs—yea, wings—as multiple broadcasts reach 40,000 to 60,000 people at a showing.  Your Chorale’s small pebble will create ever-expanding ripples in the world’s virtual pond.

Other grant applications are pending, that, coupled with donations, sponsorships and sold-out ticket sales, will make the total and unique project succeed. Yes, this is heady stuff!

So join in our joyous excitement and thanks to the COA for this important and propelling catalyst of a grant.  Please let your state legislators know how greatly it is appreciated.  The GMC needs your active help in continuing this magical journey of LFI.

Grants for the Letter from Italy, 1944 project announced

Grants for Letter from Italy, 1944 announcedThe Easthampton-Portland site published an article by Deirdre Roberts announcing recent grants supporting Letter from Italy, 1944.

Grants demonstrate broad base of support

The article announces the receipt of over $16,000 in grants over the past 10 months. These  monetary awards demonstrate that the Greater Middletown Chorale is receiving broad support from the arts community for commissioning and producing this original, large chorale dramatic work.

Read the article here.